IMPORTANT: Geotab conducts security reviews on all Marketplace products, and provides recommendations back to our partners on any issues found during those reviews. Partners are strongly encouraged to address those issues, but may choose not to. Geotab is not responsible for the security around Marketplace products, and recommends that customers conduct their own security reviews on any Marketplace products they intend on using, to ensure that the product meets their own security expectations.


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Designed for concealed placement, StealthNet™ is easily installed to various locations for effective covert asset tracking. With double the battery capacity of competitive solutions, StealthNet provides six to nine months of reporting without charge.

As StealthNet is one of the most popular trailer tracking solutions, we have 4 harness options available to allow for installation on many types of assets:

StealthNet™ on 4-Pin ABS Harness (MKH-776290GT4P):

Compatible with all ABS equipped trailers manufactured after 1999

StealthNet™ on 5-Pin ABS Harness (MKH-776290GT5P):

Compatible with utility brand trailers with 4 pin connections

StealthNet™ with 15' Nosebox Harness (MKH-776290GT15B):

Compatible with trailers and assets without ABS connections

StealthNet™ with 12v CN-Linko Adaptor (MKH-776290GTCN):

Compatible with a 12v car adaptor

Features And Benefits

  • Manage and view your trailers and chassis in the Geotab ecosystem
  • Real-time visibility and simple geofencing
  • Automated alerts configurable in MyGeotab
  • Bluetooth enabled - Easily add compatible sensors as they become available
  • 6-9+ months of reporting (when battery is fully charged and asset is stationary)
  • Flawless operation in the harshest temperatures
  • 2-minute reporting when in motion
  • 2 reports per day when parked
  • Optimize trailer pool management
  • Automate yard checks
  • Covert installations help eliminate trailer theft and cargo loss
  • Manage detention billing


Dimensions: 8.14x3.13x1.69 inches

Weight: 0.93lbs (420g)

Internal Cellular and GPS Antenna

Operating Voltage: 10V – 32VDC

Power management modes: Full power, network off, listening mode, deep sleep

LTE Cat 1

Integrated high sensitivity antenna Auto register to packet network

Bluetooth: Low Energy (BLE) Version 4.2

Channels: 56

Tracking Sensitivity: -162 dBm Acquisition Sensitivity: -148 dBm Location Accuracy: 2.5 CEP

FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Part 22, and Part 24


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