Sygic Professional Navigation

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Sygic Professional Navigation guides your drivers efficiently and safely to their destinations, choosing only the routes compliant with their vehicle. More than 2,000 fleets worldwide use Sygic to improve their operations. 


The solution is available as a stand-alone mobile app for the driver, helping them become more independent and thereby removing communication bottlenecks, or as MyGeotab add-in. The add-in enables fleets to set vehicle attributes, plan and assign routes and then have them listed in Geotab Drive, from where drivers can open them and navigate using truck-legal navigation that respects the exact restrictions of their vehicle.

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An image showing how Sygic Professional Navigation works.

Features & Benefits

Improve Efficiency

Give drivers more autonomy, relieve fleet managers and decrease communication bottlenecks

  • Routing for trucks, vans, buses, and more
  • Routing also includes emission zones, HAZMAT restrictions, and other optional preferences
  • Works offline – navigate even in areas with little or no coverage, such as rural areas, countries not included in your data plan, near mountains, etc.
  • Multi-stop itineraries for the last mile
  • Truck stops, petrol stations, and other useful points of interest
  • Precise ETA calculation


Safety First

Support and protect drivers on the road

  • Turn-by-turn voice instructions and spoken street names
  • Preferred right turn
  • Sharp-curve warning
  • Reach the destination in the driving direction
  • Night mode
  • Lane assistant


First-class user experience

Less frustration, less errors and higher user adoption for successful completion of tasks

  • Clear 2D and 3D maps with the latest updates from our map providers
  • Intuitive interface designed and optimized together with more than 3 million drivers
  • Available in more than 40 languages

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