With today’s regulations and ever rising costs, maintenance plays a tremendous role in fleet availability and corporate expenses. TMT Fleet Maintenance Software from TMW Systems improves critical outcomes for TMW customers.


Consider successes such as:

  • Having fleets ready to roll when you and your customers need them through efficient, accurate and timely repair processes
  • Assuring your team, your customers and your community of fleets that are focused on safety through fault code monitoring, DVIR compliance and effective Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Realizing a quick return on investment through warranty recovery that flags warranted parts via repair order processes and streamlines the recovery through automated forms and processes
  • Avoiding excessive inventory and funds lost in overstocked parts rooms, while having easy access to parts and parts ordering systems for quick order fulfillment and repairs


Managing the fleet maintenance process like a business gives you greater cost control, improved resource utilization and the respect of senior management. When you’re dealing with extensive trucks, trailers and yard or warehouse assets to maintain, no manual process can drive the business and cost improvement being asked of you. Whether work is performed in your own shop bays or you outsource some repair activities, TMW fleet maintenance management technology covers your needs, from touch-screen mechanic workstations to business intelligence reporting that will help you make better vehicle investments in the future. Preventive maintenance or unexpected breakdowns and service calls, parts purchasing and inventory tracking, fuel and tire usage, technician scheduling and workhours, billing audits and external service provider integration, overlooked warranty recovery, and automating pre-trip inspections and resolutions, it’s all possible with TMW asset maintenance management. 

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Features And Benefits

At its heart, TMT is focused on safety, compliance and up-time of our customers' fleets. Going beyond those key factors, TMT also brings a significant return on investment in the area of warranty recovery and decreases costs often lost to excess inventory and staff under-utilization. Most importantly, TMT goes to the heart of the maintenance sector with a focus on keeping equipment running.

Benefits of the TMT - Geotab Interface

  • TMT Fleet Maintenance is integrated to Geotab, which allows joint Geotab and TMT customers to keep equipment running via timely and accurate meter updates. These updates directly feed preventative maintenance schedules and allow customers to keep equipment safely and effectively managed for top performance.
  • Compliance is also covered via DVIR connectivity to TMT, which means not only do drivers have a way to preform DVIRs via Geotab, but, through the integration to TMT and more importantly to TMT Repair Orders, failures can become actionable, making the move from monitoring issues to quickly acting upon and repairing those issues.
  • Fault Codes rise to the surface care of the Geotab - TMT interface migrating codes from the fleet directly into TMT. In turn fleets can make time-sensitive repair decisions before they become damaging events, not only keeping fleets running safety and efficiently, but also keeping customers and staff happy.

Check out our TMT - Geotab Overview Sheet to learn not only about the Geotab to TMT Fleet Maintenance interface but also how effective fleet maintenance can keep your fleet rolling.



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