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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is priceless - and in an increasingly litigious world, you can’t afford to not have a neutral eyewitness.


With Trimble Video Intelligence, you can watch videos triggered by Geotab Rule Exceptions immediately after they occur directly on the MyGeotab Maps page. Rule Exception videos are played with synchronized engine data on an animated dashboard that provides a complete view of every incident so fleets can coach and protect their drivers and bottom line. When an incident needs further investigation or if you only want the videos you need, video on-demand empowers carriers to wirelessly retrieve video footage in real-time to help mitigate risk. Video on-demand is also integrated directly into MyGeotab Maps, so you can easily view and request videos from a specific trip, driver or vehicle without having to navigate away from your MyGeotab portal. 


Specifically designed for commercial transportation vehicles, our fleet video camera solutions include forward, driver and rear-facing cameras, as well as driver and passenger side cameras, giving fleets customizable options to capture up to 360° of video in and around their vehicles. Additional features include: live snapshots, system health notifications and streamlined video review and driver coaching tools to help reduce fleet risk and prevent accidents in the future. From protecting fleets from false accident and injury claims, to litigation costs, rising insurance premiums and customer complaints, with Trimble Video Intelligence, you’ll be connected like never before. 

Features And Benefits


  • Protect your drivers by playing the role of a neutral eye witness in the event of an accident
  • Protect your business from false injury and accident claims or know when to settle to help reduce claims costs, legal expenses and operational downtime
  • Prevent accidents by coaching drivers to proactively improve risky driving behaviors
  • Save time with immediate access to video footage to download and share when necessary
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Single sign on and fully integrated with MyGeotab and MyGeotab Map     


  • 2-Channel DVR with forward and driver facing camera options, 32GB industrial SD card and two SD card slots for expandable storage
  • 720p HD cameras
  • System sleep timer of up to 12 hours to continuously record video when vehicle ignition is off
  • Built-in supercapacitors to record video in the event of an abrupt power loss
  • Single sign on and full integration with MyGeotab Map
  • Video on-demand to retrieve footage from a specific trip, driver or vehicle from a specific point in time
  • Live snapshot images
  • Easy installation and activation from any connected smart device
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • 4-channel DVR, (2) two 32GB industrial SD cards, four SD card slots for expandable storage and camera options including forward facing, driver facing, rear facing/backup and driver and passenger side 




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