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True Fuel® is a patented software tool for reducing fleet fuel expenses. True Fuel combines real-time, in-cab driver coaching with automated, precise, and easy-to-use fuel efficiency data to help fleets and their drivers get the highest possible MPG from every vehicle and driver in their fleet, under any and all operating conditions.


With True Fuel, fleets save between 3-10% of their annual fuel spend. True Fuel also assesses driver performance in a fair and transparent way to empower incentive programs truly based on driver performance. And with True Fuel’s powerful and actionable analytics, you can make intelligent business decisions on tractor spec, driving policies (e.g., speed and cruise control use), incentive programs, and more!



All fleets have some amount of fuel wasted due to inefficient driving behaviors, even with the most modern tractors, and this costs fleets significant money. True Fuel does the heavy lifting of reducing this fuel waste with real-time, in-cab coaching, supplemented with automated reporting and actionable analytics for continuous performance improvement. And because it doesn’t rely only on MPG for driver assessment, drivers readily accept it.



True Fuel is the only system that quantifies fuel wasted due to inefficient driving behavior AND coaches drivers to change these behaviors in real-time in-cab with audible coaching tones, arresting fuel waste before it occurs, but always allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road rather than look at a visual display. 



True Fuel’s coaching parameters are configured for each and every truck based on the year, make, model, drivetrain, and company policies (e.g., company speed threshold). Using data collected from the ECM through the Geotab telematics system, True Fuel coaches the driver in real-time using audible tones whenever they exhibit inefficient driving behavior – Think of it like ‘rumble strips for fuel efficiency’. This has been proven to be the safest (audible coaching vs. distracting visual coaching) and the most impactful way of changing fuel-inefficient behavior.


True Fuel’s patented algorithms also quantify the amount of fuel lost to each category of inefficient behavior and determines the MPG the driver could have achieved if they drove efficiently – We call this the Potential MPG. With this data, True Fuel calculates the driver’s Efficiency on a 100 point scale. This Efficiency score is driver-friendly, and a key metric for any performance-based incentive because it’s based on each driver’s fuel-efficient driving behavior and calculates out any factors outside of the driver’s control (ex: truck age, load weight, terrain, weather, etc.)


True Fuel’s automated reports provide trainers/managers with all the data needed to actively manage their fuel program weekly via email, so they don’t have to spend time hunting for data. And the data-rich web portal is packed with actionable analytics for personalized and meaningful secondary coaching conversations with drivers.



  • Applicable trucks: Class 6-8
  • Applicable drivetrain types: ALL – Inefficient driving behaviors waste fuel no matter the drivetrain configuration. True Fuel has helped fleets save over 100M gallons of fuel on trucks with low and high HP/Torque engines with manual, automatic and AMT transmissions (driver behavior can impact fuel efficiency by 30%, even on AMTs!)
  • Applicable fleet types: ALL – True Fuel has been proven on dry vans, tankers, flatbeds, heavy and light hauling, reefers, car carriers, intermodal, and more.
  • Applicable job/route types: ALL – True Fuel has been proven on city, rural and highway (LH & OTR) routes



Vnomics Corp., which created True Fuel, is now a part of Tenstreet. Tenstreet’s platform connects carriers and drivers, making it easier to fill trucks while staying compliant. We help thousands of motor carriers and private fleets to market, recruit, onboard, manage, and retain drivers. Since 2006, millions of drivers have used Tenstreet’s platform to quickly and securely apply for their next job.

Tenstreet is headquartered in Tulsa, OK. Learn more at

Features And Benefits

True Fuel's powerful tool suite, fully integrated with Geotab, includes:

  • Real-time in-cab audible coaching tones configured specifically to the fuel-efficient driving range on each and every truck
  • A fair driver performance metric (audibly reported at the end of each trip) which accurately assesses each driver’s driving behavior
  • Automated actionable reports are sent weekly to the program team, so they don’t have to spend time looking at spreadsheets or other unhelpful data sources
  • An optional driver mobile app for drivers to self-serve additional coaching
  • An easy to use data-rich web portal equipped with powerful reports, insights and coaching tools
  • Access to all performance data and analytics through a RESTful API for integration with fleet BI reporting tools


Additional benefits include:

  • Engaged, Motivated Drivers
  • Safer Driving
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Accurate Equipment Assessment
  • Reduced Emissions

(Note: There is an increased risk of data loss when out of cellular coverage for extended periods of time)

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True Fuel

Provided byTenstreet

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