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Uptake Fleet helps you keep your trucks on the road. Fleets can see quick value, through their existing Geotab subscription, by optimizing maintenance costs and operations. It’s time to get more miles out of your equipment using the data you have today. Use predictive insights to keep your trucks out of the shop and making you money. 


Uptake delivers actionable predictive maintenance insights from your existing Geotab device to allow fleet and shop managers to do their job more effectively and efficiently. Users can enable operational excellence at an unprecedented level - proactively schedule repairs, reducing risk, and leading to efficiency gains and better vehicle performance. Uptake helps you improve uptime, reliability, reputation, and bottom line.


Unlike relying on reactive and noisy fault-code-only analysis, Uptake accesses raw sensor data through Geotab telematics and applies data science models trained and improved over years on millions of machines over billions of hours of data to enhance lead time on failure alerts. This helps your maintenance and operations workers cut through the noise and prioritize what needs to be addressed first. This provides your fleet with fast and significant returns on investment.


With over seven years in the predictive maintenance space, Uptake is the leading provider delivering real value. The proof is in the numbers. With Uptake Fleet, you can reduce maintenance costs by up to 7-10%, reduce breakdowns by more than 20%, shift 70% of unplanned maintenance to planned maintenance, and increasing uptime by 8%.


Uptake is ideal for fleets with 100 vehicles or more. See your potential savings with our Fleet ROI Calculator!

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