Downtime should be rare and predictable.


Uptake delivers actionable predictive maintenance insights from your existing Geotab device to allow fleet and shop managers to schedule repairs - driving fleet maintenance efficiency gains and enable better performing vehicles; improving your uptime, reliability, reputation, and bottom line.


Unlike relying on reactive and noisy fault code-only analysis, Uptake accesses raw sensor data through Geotab telematics and applies AI machine learning models trained on millions of machines over billions of hours to provide lead time on the failure alerts (usually prior to fault codes firing) with significantly less alerts than faults. This provides your fleet fast and significant returns on investment.

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Features & Benefits


  • Utilizes both raw signal data (in addition to fault codes) to better understand the vehicle health and impending issues even before fault codes fire
  • Works across vehicle makes and models, not OE specific
  • Receive vehicle health and impending failure alerts through a dashboard, email or your existing maintenance workflow system
  • Drive faster, more accurate, first time fix repairs with root cause information and recommended actions
  • Dashboard view includes color coded severity levels, vehicle health view on a map, ability to create cases, and interaction with insights and their supporting data.
  • Access a list of tasks that need to be completed, which can then be tied to a case within the application
  • Include your work order data for more accurate modeling and the opportunity to better understand your maintenance operations and the optimal times for PMs based on your real usage and replacement history
  • Include your fluids data to enable additional analysis based on the fluid reporting
  • Coming soon:  input special parameters to impact the decision engine



  • Lower your maintenance costs by 7-10%
  • Reduce your fuel costs 2-3% beyond what you are receiving now
  • Increase vehicle uptime
  • Improve fleet productivity


Uptake provides this value through enabling fleets to:

  • Reduce service interruptions and roadside breakdowns:  Predict when vehicles will break-down before they do and proactively fix them.
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance events due to avoidable failures:  Understanding maintenance needs ahead of time ensures that your vehicles get to shops with the right skills and the right parts ahead of time.
  • Increase fuel efficiency:  Identifying when fuel economy-impacting parts (e.g. aftertreatment systems) are under performing leads to fuel savings.
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance due to data overload:  Add non-urgent maintenance needs to the next upcoming PM event so the vehicle doesn’t need to be shopped twice.
  • Mitigate technician and driver shortages:  Fewer driver interruptions reduces turn-over; newer technicians (without institutional knowledge) provided with better guidance on what and when to fix.
  • Reduce number of under-utilized vehicles:  Knowing when your vehicles will fail means you don’t need as many back-up vehicles for “just in case.”

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