The Verisk Data Exchange™ Add-In ports driving data seamlessly from your Geotab connected fleet, calculates advanced predictive analytics, and provides next-level insight on fleet safety and operational risk to help guide insurance decisions. Get even more from your Geotab services with greater transparency, control, and service from your insurance provider through participation in telematics-supported insurance programs with potential savings on your fleet’s insurance coverage.


Now, through the Verisk Data Exchange Add-In, Geotab customers and their insurers can access the same smart analytics that impact insurance premiums. All consent, data transfer, and optimization is done seamlessly through the add-in with no additional work required by the fleet manager.


And these Verisk Data Exchange services are provided at no additional charge to Geotab Pro and ProPlus customers.

Features And Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Transparency: Fleet managers are provided the same operational summaries and risk metrics that insurers use to calculate premium and underwrite insurance coverage
  • Control: Work with insurers who want to utilize your Geotab data for more accurate and potentially better insurance premiums and coverage
  • Service: efficient communication to your insurer of ever-changing fleet characteristics, including number of vehicles, drivers, and operations of your business


Main Features

  • Simple enrollment to begin sharing fleet data with the Verisk Data Exchange in a few clicks
  • Regularly updated operational and risk metrics on all your connected vehicles without any additional steps by you
  • Insight into the same metrics that insurers use to calculate your premium for more predictable renewals
  • Seamless ability to participate in telematics insurance programs with your insurer
  • Actionable insights and guidance on opportunities to improve your fleet safety and potentially lower your premium

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