VideoProtects® Video Event Management Service is video-science that enhances your safety program by offering insight into risky driving events through continuous recordings captured by driver and road-facing dash cameras with artificial intelligence. 


The VideoProtects remote driver coaching workflow brings the power of event review, scoring, and coaching right to the fleet desktop giving fleet and safety managers control over risky driving behaviors. When combined with the VideoProtects dash camera hardware and the mobile driver experience, fleets gain insight. As a result, they can take the necessary action to reduce corporate liability and risk, exonerate drivers, improve driving skills, and promote reliable driver behaviors. 

Features And Benefits

  • Designed to provide a seamless MyGeotab customer experience 
  • Offers continuous forward & driver facing recording with an optional 3rd channel Cargo/Utility camera 
  • Data-rich event thumbnails enable users to view and score events at the desktop level
  • Provides a complete audit trail of all video reviews and actions for interested parties
  • Shortens timeline to driver coaching with remote driver workflow
  • Improves distracted driving with real-time in-cab audible driver alerts
  • Combines multi-incident events into a single view for easier viewing
  • Includes superior Tier 1 support, including 24/7 driver support 




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