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VisionTrack is a leading global provider of AI video telematics and fleet safety systems. We are helping to tackle some of the most complex challenges faced by fleet and transportation operations by changing how they approach road safety, claims management, duty of care, fleet compliance and operational risk.


Transforming Fleet Safety with AI Video Telematics

VisionTrack has created a unique AI-powered video telematics ecosystem designed to mitigate the impact of road, driver and fleet risk. This integrated fleet safety approach achieves unrivalled, real-time driver engagement, while providing the most accurate, timely and insightful risk monitoring and analysis.

We have a growing range of complementary video telematics solutions for AI driver engagement, monitoring and analysis:

  • ADAS & DSM – Alerting drivers to hazards on the road and high-risk behaviours such as mobile phone use, eyes away from the road, smoking and eating/drinking. In one deployment of AI-powered dual-facing cameras, installed across 16,000 vehicles, the platform offered proof of an 80% reduction in risky driver behaviour in the first three months.
  • Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Detection Cameras – identifying pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and people on scooters, while disregarding street furniture or other objects that would be picked up by using a regular sensor solution, to provide drivers with the precise location of nearby VRUs in relation to the vehicle. Already undergoing extensive safety trials in New York and Mexico City as part of the Truck of the Future pilot program.
  • Triggered Training – Automated risk reduction and driver engagement with targeted safety messages, videos and e-training modules based on video-enabled driver behaviour monitoring. Supports drivers to adopt safe driving habits, with up to a 96% reduction in at-risk events.
  • Post-Analysis (NARA) – Creating safety-focused computer vision models to detect and analyze risk based on the operational priorities of the fleet sector. Cut through the noise, eliminating over 99.8% of false positives, to gain an unrivalled understanding of collisions and near misses. One fleet is saving at least 65 hours of administrative time every month, while gaining immediate and accurate safety insight.
  • Risk Dashboard – Track safety trends using highly accurate data to identify road, driver and fleet risk, and pinpoint areas of improvement. A highly effective reporting and analysis tool to better understand and take advantage of the insight captured by fleet and AI video telematics.


Industry & Technology Expertise

VisionTrack is helping organizations to take advantage of AI vehicle cameras and use video telematics like never before to transform fleet safety. Our advanced video-enabled telematics solution possesses ground-breaking innovation that provides the most comprehensive risk detection and intervention (RDI).

  • We develop AI technologies to automate management processes, data analysis and incident detection in a wide range of fleet, road safety and risk management settings.
  • Our cloud-based software collects, processes and analyses real-time video and data from over 105,000 camera devices that record on average 4.0 million driver miles every day.
  • We are gaining a unique understanding of vehicle journeys, traffic levels and driver behaviour, which supports data-driven decision-making and problem-solving. 

Features And Benefits


Seamlessly integrate fleet and video telematics into a single, easy-to-use platform to save time, reduce costs and gain optimum value. Some of the many benefits of VisionTrack for MyGeotab™ include:

  • Fast and simple access to footage of collisions, near misses and harsh driving events
  • View videos alongside detailed driver and vehicle data for added context
  • Request video from a recorded trip or live stream an online asset
  • Leverage notification templates to trigger automatic video requests
  • Integrated Risk Management Dashboard brings together myGeotab™ and VisionTrack data 
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality for streamlined authentication and log-in



Our innovative video telematics solutions provide added context to road incidents and driver behavior events, supporting meaningful interventions. They deliver significant benefits and cost reductions to any size and type of on-and off-road fleet operation:



  • Prevent collisions before they occur 
  • Reduce dangers associated with driving to work
  • Eliminate high-risk driver behaviours
  • Protect employees and other road users


  • Defend against false and fraudulent claims 
  • Provide a path to insurance savings and reduced premiums
  • Reduce third-party claims
  • Streamline claims management


  • Comply with fleet safety standards DVS, FORS and CLOCS – (UK-only)
  • Enhance duty of care
  • Support environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy
  • Safeguard corporate reputation 


VisionTrack is shaping the video telematics marketplace, delivering sophisticated and industry-leading safety innovations that are the future of connected vehicle technology:

  • Advanced video telematics using the latest advances in edge-and cloud-based AI
  • A unique platform analysis tool, NARA, reduces the burden of event videos, and maximizes the benefit of the system. 
  • Complete visibility around the vehicle with 360o vision for you and your drivers
  • Sophisticated vulnerable road user/persons (VRU/VPs) camera solution that saves lives
  • Seamless integration with MyGeotab™ for powerful video-enabled telematics
  • The most extensive range of MDVR, multi-camera, dashcam and dual-facing solutions
  • Suitable for any car, van, truck, specialist vehicle and mixed fleets, covering both on- and off-road applications, particularly in the transportation and construction sectors.


Device Plan Requirements

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Provided byVisionTrack

5 (1 reviews)

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5 (1 reviews)

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