VUSION Full Service Fuel Tax Reporting

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VUSION’s Full Service Fuel Tax Reporting solution allows fleet to eliminate compliance headaches associated with fuel and mileage tax reporting and turn their focus to running their business. Sophisticated algorithms, combined with industry expertise, allow VUSION to handle the data cleaning, editing and tax return preparation.

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Features & Benefits

Some of the largest and most respected fleets in the industry rely on VUSION to handle their fuel and mileage tax reporting for one reason, accuracy. Through extensive automated and manual processes VUSION reviews the data looking for anomalies and then fixing them to reduce our customers workload and lower their audit risk. Combine these efforts with world class customer service and you can see why VUSION customers are fiercely loyal. 

VUSION has automated data feeds established from Geotab as well as all of the major fuel card vendors making startup a breeze:

  • More Accurate = Less Audit Risk
  • Full Service Process = Less Work 
  • Audit Support = Less Stress

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