With WalkTab running on company smartphones and tablets, dispatch is able to see fleet and mobile personnel’s phones/tablets as well as their GO devices on one MyGeotab screen. So even if they leave or do not drive their GO-equipped vehicles to complete an assigned task or delivery, WalkTab shows GPS location, time, speed and direction on dispatch’s Geotab desktop interface with an Add-In. WalkTab is ideal for companies with large or active fleets and mobile staff who frequently exit their vehicles:

  • Police, Fire and EMS 
  • Transport and courier services
  • Field service and utilities

WalkTab benefits end users by extending the safety of Geotab ‘Beyond the Vehicle.’ It benefits dispatchers by letting them see exactly where all of their people’s devices and vehicles are simultaneously.  It reports GPS data from smartphones/tablets of drivers who leave their vehicles, helping them be safer and more visible – also helping dispatch make the most informed routing assignments based on complete information.

Alternatively, WalkTab offers Geotab functionality to mobile staff who do not have motorized vehicles, such as beat and bike officers and couriers.

Features And Benefits


  • Compatible with Android or iOS devices
  • Uses existing Geotab desktop
  • Available on App Store and Play Store
  • Respects Hours of Work (HoW) and time zones 
  • Customizable reporting interval & start and end shift settings
  • On-Off setting for privacy 
  • Simple MyGeotab deployment
  • Can be integrated with CAD
  • Monthly plans – no contracts
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal battery power drain


WalkTab benefits everyone with greater safety and efficiency by extending the power of Geotab ‘Beyond the Vehicle -- letting Dispatch see exactly where all of their people’s devices and vehicles are simultaneously on one MyGeotab screen

  • Mobile personnel safety
  • Dispatch sees when and where drivers leave vehicles
  • Improve driver safety
  • Improve overall productivity
  • Improve dispatch routing decisions
  • Track deliveries more effectively
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Meet privacy requirements – no reporting outside of HoW


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