Every telematics device is tested on a daily basis to ensure that it is communicating via the cellular network and is accurately recording trips made by drivers and their vehicles. This custom report monitors the health of your device by communicating its status more frequently than the default Watchdog report. This allows for identification of short-term telematics connectivity issues. A convenient, built-in emailed report condition can be used to set this report on an email schedule only when a device is delayed in communication for longer than 30 minutes.

Features And Benefits

  • Simple to read and understand
  • Built-in conditional email reporting function
  • Multilingual support


To learn how to import a report into MyGeotab, view our Reporting Basics training found here.

After completing the file import, follow these steps in order to configure this report as a Dashboard or Emailed Report:

  • Specify a Refresh Period which will result in new data being generated at the beginning of each cycle based on the Next Run time setting. For the intention of closely monitoring the fleet, a 30 minute Refresh Period is recommended.
  • Select the group of vehicles you would like included in the report. By default, it is set to Everything as the user will only receive what they have access to.
  • Select the group of users who should be able to view/receive this report. e.g. If this report is only meant for the Maintenance department, create a group a group called Maintenance Reports and assign the maintenance users to that group.



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Free solution

Device Requirements

Available for all GO devices

Device Plan Requirements

Regulatory, Base, ProPlus, Pro