Xtract is revolutionizing the auto insurance claims industry with an end-to-end consumer-grade platform. By digitizing and automating the accident reporting journey, we deliver a faster and more accurate claims process. This reduces operations and liability costs while providing your fleet with the tools and insights to manage the claims process.


Xtract can increase:

  • Arbitration wins 25%
  • Contributory negligence resolution 10%


Xtract can reduce:

  • Operational costs 25%
  • Accident reconstruction 80%
  • Legal fees 5%
  • Truck downtime 20%


Digital, automated communications leads to faster notification and customer interactions, saving time and money by reducing replacement vehicle expenses.  

Features And Benefits

Xtract Reconstruction

The Xtract Platform provides a visual reconstruction of an incident to fleet managers within seconds of it occurring, and digitizes the process end-to-end to enhance decision making. 


Xtract Geotab Integration

The Xtract platform is available via Geotab, so your end-to-end fleet management solutions are easily available through one familiar interface.


Xtract Video Integration 

Our reconstruction platform module will integrate and present the dashcam footage within our visual reconstruction environment to deliver a clear understanding of the incident in real time. 


Xtract Consumer Grade User Experience

The Xtract Platform is designed and built from the ground up for users who expect iOS or Android-style ease and usability.



  • Faster, lower cost, and accurate digitized claims process
  • Superior incident reconstruction & Visualization: Xtract automatically integrates video footage and recreates a movie-like reconstruction visualization that shows location, speed, impact and more.
  • Delightful consumer-grade user experience: As the workforce becomes dominated by millennials and GenZ, there is an expectation that digitization and automation provide the same level of user experience they’ve grown up with. As a result, our delightful user experience delivers higher employee satisfaction and retention, as well as reduces time and entry errors for claims and reporting.



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