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Matrix iQ is the leading provider of next-generation tracking technology, dedicated to improving the way businesses manage and monitor their valuable assets. Our flagship asset tracking solution, MagTrack, solves the traditional problem of tracking devices being easy to find and remove by magnetically attaching anywhere on an asset. 

Developed to offer you cost-effective peace of mind that your high value assets are protected and recoverable in the case of theft, its flexible magnetic mounting system and once daily standard reporting frequency make it extremely tricky for thieves to locate, even with GPS detectors. Combined with automatic tamper and motion alerts, this significantly reduces the chances of your tracker (and therefore asset) being removed without your knowledge. 

The core of our innovation is the state-of-the-art rechargeable battery unit. Unlike traditional asset trackers with limited battery life, our rechargeable batteries are designed for longevity, providing up to a five-year shelf life. This eliminates the time and expense of installing replacement batteries and ensures that our MagTrack devices remain operational and reliable over an extended period. It also makes MagTrack an eco-friendly alternative to single use and non-rechargeable solutions.  

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