SpeedGauge is a driving analytics and performance company. Our focused, effective solutions help fleets manage and improve driving behaviors to transform a company’s approach to driving, reduce risk, strengthen business operations and enhance financial results. 


Designed and engineered for simplicity, SpeedGauge products focus on the driver behaviors and vehicle operations that most impact safety and risk exposure. This business intelligence informs decisions across the enterprise, from operations and finance to human resources, legal services and insurance.


SpeedGauge solutions are delivered in partnership with leading vehicle-tracking/fleet management companies across the globe, with analytical reports provided on hundreds of thousands of vehicles every day.The company possesses a rich patent portfolio, having been awarded 10 US patents covering various aspects of driving behavior as well as autonomous vehicle monitoring.


Building on the original SpeedGauge Safety Center, we have expanded our customer base beyond the fleet safety professional to encompass the wider fleet management community. Most recently we have broadened our solutions offering to accommodate insurance companies, agents and brokers who serve fleets, as well as the shippers who rely upon fleets to transport their goods.


The entire transportation ecosystem is concerned with driver performance and shares in the risks associated with commercial driving. Across this value chain, SpeedGauge delivers scalable solutions that drive change and fuel revenue growth. Emphasizing data security, protection and privacy, SpeedGauge serves as a responsible guardian of the data entrusted to us – data which transforms how our customers do business.

Solutions By SpeedGauge