Uniqco’s fleet data analytics system is not a run of the mill fleet management system. The system was designed to maximise return on investment in mobility solutions measuring owned, leased, hired or shared fleet assets. Every organisation has the challenge of delivering a service, banking, healthcare, education, community support, infrastructure development and construction. Uniqco’s consultants have been working with clients in all sectors for over 30 years and every time we work with a client we measure and store critical fleet operational data in what we term our “Database of Knowledge”. Having this knowledge imbedded in our system allows us to offer our clients the benefit of this aggregated knowledge for every asset they buy, we load benchmark data that allows our clients to forecast and budget, fuel spend (irrespective of fuel type including hydrogen and electricity) maintenance spend, capital and annual depreciation. These core features make it easier for our clients to benchmark and budget their cost of service delivery. Every client we have is demonstrating a 3 to 1 return on their investment in our technology.

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