Drivewyze Safety+ prevents risky driving behavior by notifying drivers when they need to pay extra attention, like when approaching known speed violation zones, high-risk curves, low bridges, steep grades, and high collision zones. Developed in collaboration with local, state and national transportation and safety agencies, these notifications are carefully curated to make sure your drivers receive alerts when they really matter. The best part? The messaging automatically shows on your Geotab device, so there’s no extra hardware to juggle or screens to look at. 


With Custom Alerts it’s easy to create additional in-cab, location-based notifications unique to your fleet, informing drivers when they are approaching risky areas or locations with specific safety protocols. Monitor behavior and identify coaching opportunities with fleet-wide and vehicle-specific reporting at each zone – whether it’s curated by Drivewyze or custom made.  


With your Drivewyze Safety+ subscription you’ll also receive our Parking Availability service in participating states that notifies drivers of available stall counts so they can safely park when they need to. 


Put your safety score to work. Drivewyze also offers PreClear, a weigh station bypass solution that rewards safe driving, granting drivers legal bypasses and saving your fleet time and money. Simple and easy to use, it is the only full service, always-on bypass service that doesn’t require a transponder to run. Find out more here

Features And Benefits

Incident prevention with heads-up alerts at high-risk zones– including areas where speeding incidents are common, high-risk curves, low bridges, steep grades, and high collision zones –Drivewyze gives drivers time to safely prepare to follow the on-screen instructions. 


Timely communications with customizable, location-based, messaging that appears directly on your Geotab device, Drivewyze empowers your Safety team with the tools they need to alert drivers and mitigate risk. 


Expertly curated with guidance from local, state and national transportation and safety agencies, Drivewyze identifies known problem-areas so drivers are aware of risk, even on unfamiliar roads. 


Parking notifications with available stall count, Drivewyze gives drivers the information they need to safely stop when and where they need to. Available in participating states. 


Coaching opportunities with reporting that highlights fleet-wide and vehicle-specific behaviors, Drivewyze provides the data you need to improve overall driver safety and reduce the likelihood of an incident. 



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