Fuel Tracker is a simple, easy to use add-in that integrates with Geotab Drive. Simply enter fuel purchase details while at the pump or after the fact using the fuel receipt. Track fuel cost, cost per fill-up, monthly fuel spending, and the fill-up location. The purchases will also be automatically integrated into Fill-Ups and IFTA reports in MyGeotab.

Features And Benefits

  • Track fuel cost, cost per fill-up, monthly fuel spending
  • View a map of fuel purchases
  • Edit fuel transactions within MyGeotab
  • Integration with IFTA and Fill-Ups reporting


Ensure that your drivers are assigned to a custom Drive app clearance which includes the ability to "View fill-ups and fuel transactions" and "Administer fuel transaction".To learn more about custom clearances in MyGeotab, watch our video on How to Set Up Custom Security Clearances for Users in MyGeotab



United States

Supported Languages


Free Solution

Device Requirements

GO Device

Device Plan Requirements

Pro, ProPlus, Regulatory

Mobile Version

Android devices: running version 4.4 or laterApple devices: device running iOS 8.0 or later