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Launched in 2016 by a highly experience group of telecoms, telematics & fleet professionals based in

Belfast (Norther Ireland), MANTIS resolves the most common problems still faced but fleet operators

investing in camera systems.

Common issues:

  • Lost footage through faulty hardware
  • Unstable connectivity
  • Restricted user experience
  • Slow investigation process
  • Poor customer service

Our new Mantis Powered by Geotab solution brings together Geotab's world-class fleet data and

Mantis camera expertise into a single cloud platform giving customers the best and most complete

fleet data at their fingertips.

What makes MANTIS different?

Cutting-Edge Connectivity Solutions

Our market-leading connectivity solutions encompass true multi-network M2M 4G data sims,

offering unparalleled versatility by seamlessly accessing all major networks and automatically

roaming onto the strongest signal. This ensures the most stable and reliable coverage for your


Adaptable Data Allowance

With our flexible data allowance of 1GB aggregated packages, you can effortlessly share data among

your entire fleet, eliminating concerns about running out of data when you need it most or incurring

exorbitant overage fees.

Comprehensive Fault Notifications

Avoid the risk of crucial footage loss due to unnoticed recording failures or memory issues. Our

advanced monitoring system promptly alerts you to any such incidents, enabling swift resolution

with the assistance of our dedicated team.

Effortless Review and Remote Download

Experience seamless playback of any stored footage, empowering efficient investigation of incidents,

and enabling on-demand downloads. There are no restrictions on video clip length or the number of

downloads, granting you the freedom to access the content you need without limitations.

Automated Uploads for Swift Action

Through our cutting-edge MANTIS technology, significant events, such as hard braking or cornering,

trigger automatic footage uploads to our secure Evidence Centre, boasting 90 days of cloud storage.

This eradicates the need to sift through hours of footage, allowing you to respond promptly to

critical situations.

Reliable Monitoring Team

Count on our dedicated team of experts, ready to support you in downloading essential footage and

proactively reviewing your account for any faults to ensure continuous and uninterrupted recording




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Provided byMantis

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