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By leveraging patented technology embedded in more than eight million IoT devices deployed today, Phillips Connect has created a suite of state-of-the-art asset tracking solutions that solve numerous problems in the transportation industry. Designed specifically for harsh environments, all Phillips Connect solutions are IP67-rated and will endure the real-world abuse that non-powered assets see daily. Users can locate their assets, maximize productivity, and give their customers a live view into their trailers, containers, and chassis. Additionally, Phillips Connect can integrate sensors to monitor cargo status and add visibility of health status for these assets, providing actionable data for customers to find efficiencies and lower costs. Analytics and real-time alerts are instantly available with the Phillips Connect integration into MyGeotab, allowing fleets to:

1.   Instantly boost trailer/container/chassis utilization

2.   Eliminate trailer/container/chassis loss and theft with a real-time view of its assets

3.   Increase detention revenue by holding customers accountable for how long they hold onto every trailer/container/chassis

4.   Reduce trailer/container/chassis maintenance costs by improving scheduled maintenance and enabling predictive maintenance insights

5.   Automate yard checks

6.   Enhance driver satisfaction by eliminating wasted time looking for trailers


Our solutions include:


Asset Trac™

A low-cost, IP67-rated “Slap N’ Track” device that can be installed onto any asset. The lithium-ion battery is completely self-contained and boasts 5,000 events. Can be powered or unpowered.


EZTrac™ HE

A scalable heavy-equipment solution designed to fit any powered or unpowered asset. This includes tractors/excavators, construction equipment, boats, trailers, and chassis.



A scalable, plug-and-play trailer/chassis tracking solution that plugs into the existing harness infrastructure and is installed in up to 5 minutes.


StealthNet™ - Now Available on Order Now!

A covert and expandable trailer tracking solution that provides 24/7 visibility of your assets and is expandable with additional sensors.


SolarNet™ - Now Available on Order Now!

A solar trailer or container tracking device that can operate on solar power alone or by 7-way power. SolarNet™ is also expandable and will interface with any hard-wired or wireless sensor.

The StealthNetand SolarNetasset trackers are available via Geotab's Order Now program. Visit their solution pages to learn more!

Features And Benefits


Add up to 3 hard wired sensors and an unlimited number of Bluetooth/wireless sensors to the StealthNetand SolarNetgateways. Additions can include, DoorCheck™ (Bluetooth door sensor), TempCheck™(one-way Bluetooth temperature sensor), and CargoCheck™ (ultrasonic cargo sensor).


Simple Installation

15-minute installation or less for all Phillips Connect solutions! 


Built to last and outperform

Phillips Connect solutions are designed specifically for harsh environments, have double the battery capacity of any competing solution, and require no maintenance after installation. End users can expect ten years out of each solution, allowing them to maximize their ROI. Phillips Connect constantly updates firmware over the air keeping the devices up to date, while giving end-users the ability to customize device behavior. 


Tested to Industry Standards

  • IP67
  • MIL-STD 202 method 201
  • Thermal cycling, -40C to 70C, 20 cycles (each cycle consists of 2 hours -40C, 2 hours at 70C)

Device Plan Requirements

Third-Party Device Plan




United States

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Phillips Connect

Provided byPhillips Connect

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