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Route4Me provides the world's most used route sequencing and optimization software for small businesses and enterprises. Extremely user-friendly, Route4Me allows users to create, share, manage, and drive optimized routing plans in a matter of seconds using the company's web-browser software and smartphone apps, ideal for field sales, field marketing, field merchandising, territory management and optimization.

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Features & Benefits

  • Multiple-Routes Mapping – Dispatchers using Route4Me can view the planned routes for all vehicles and the real-time position of all vehicles, including latitude & longitude, speed and which direction a vehicle is heading, on a map.
  • Planned Route vs. Actual Driver Behavior – Business owners and dispatchers can now compare planned routes with the actual breadcrumbs for all drivers.
  • Dispatching – Dispatchers can send driver’s routes directly from Route4Me to the driver’s Route4Me mobile app for voice-guided turn-by-turn directions.


Plan optimized routes for all your drivers automatically inside of Route4Me’s website and dispatch them to your driver’s Route4Me mobile app without any legwork. This allows you to get the best route, to the right driver, at the right time. 


As new orders come in and older ones are completed, routes constantly change and need to be re-optimized. With Route4Me, you can now stay synchronized, ensuring that the optimal dispatch sequence is safely and automatically accessible on the Route4Me Android or iOS mobile app.


Create routes using any of the following data:

  • Weather – Recommends a slowdown in service & travel time to reflect current & anticipated weather events/temperatures
  • Service Time – The number of minutes you estimate the driver will spend at a stop
  • Time Windows – The customer’s time slot(s) when they are able to receive a pickup/drop-off
  • Distance – You can set the max number of miles per route
  • Time – You can set the max time spent on the road per route
  • Stops – You can set the max number of stops per route
  • Weight – The weight of the order ensures the total vehicle weight does not exceed the maximum capacity so you don’t overload the vehicle/route
  • Cube – The cubic volume of the order ensures the total cubic utilization does not exceed the maximum capacity so you don’t cube out your vehicle
  • Revenue – You can set the maximum revenue per route to ensure a route's total value is not too high to deliver good customer service


The Route4Me integration with Geotab optimizes your operations and lowers costs by:

  • Reducing planning time up to 90% with automated route planning
  • Reducing miles driven by 20% to 30% with realistic routes that are sequenced optimally
  • Increasing driver efficiency by up to 20%, permitting him to complete more stops on each route
  • Viewing planned routes vs. actual driver routes on a map and in reports
  • Accessing real-time metrics to see if your drivers are costing you money and are free-styling by deviating from the routes you made for them

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