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A global leader in dash cams, SureCam’s mission is simple: to help fleets run safer, and more profitably. Our connected dash cam and software provide real-time visibility into the driving behavior fleets care about, while filtering out the noise. Fleets utilizing SureCam’s technology see claims costs reduce on average by about 40 - 50%, with reductions as high as about 85%.

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Features & Benefits

  • Real-Time Connectivity: Data and video instantly uploaded through the cellular network to a secure server without manual intervention
  • Cloud-Based Interface: Interact with fleet video and data through our web-based platform
  • Supporting Analytics: Receive analytics and reporting, including speed, tracking and g-force data to inform driver coaching and the claims management process
  • HD Video: Industry-leading video quality and frame rate
  • Continuous Recording: Back up continuous footage with remote pause capability to provide extra detail pre- and post-incident.
  • Design & Manufacturing: Expertly designed and manufactured in Europe, backed by warranty
  • Accurate Impact Speeds: High frequency capture ensures accurate reporting of impact speeds for claims mitigation and driver coaching.
  • Driver Coaching: Built to enable clients to respond to coachable moments, improve driver behaviour, and positively recognize driver abilities.
  • Configurable: Remotely configure each camera based on vehicle classes and route profiles to filter out the noise, and filter in what each fleet needs to see.

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