TRUCE Contextual Mobility Management

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TRUCE is software that helps businesses and fleets of all sizes manage how employees use mobile devices at work. Whether behind the wheel, or in heavy equipment, moving around the work zone, or inside a facility; deskless workers rely on mobility to get the job done. TRUCE, integrated with MyGeotab, enables fleet owners to automatically ensure mobile devices are used according to company policy by adding the TRUCE Add-In to MyGeotab. All the functionality and automated power of TRUCE becomes available inside MyGeotab. TRUCE is a configurable, comprehensive solution to enforce mobile use policy across all Apple and Android devices. 


TRUCE reduces accidents by an average of 40% when used for 12 months or longer. The solution is not a cell-blocker, nor does it restrict mobile network access. TRUCE uses contextual inputs like movement, proximity and location from various sources to automatically adjust mobile device permissions and apply the right policy at the right time. TRUCE returns to normal phone operation when not in a managed or protected zone. It can differentiate drivers from passengers, and can apply rules to multiple work environments, job types and people. TRUCE enables companies of all sizes to minimize liability expense and legal or reputational exposure, while also improving employee productivity. Over 130,000 users from some of the world's leading brands trust TRUCE to help them manage mobile use across their workplace.


This solution has paid options.

Features And Benefits


  • Enables mobile device access to only approved apps or functions when active
  • Automatically adjusts policy enforcement based on movement, proximity, location
  • Returns to normal phone operation when not in managed or protected zone
  • Supports hands-free calling and white-listed apps if compliant with customer policy
  • Differentiates drivers from passengers in a vehicle with permission settings
  • Deployed on any device, iOS and Android
  • Administrator module enables intuitive policy configuration to multiple work zones
  • Configurable to company hierarchy (division, region, group, job type, person)
  • Dashboard analytics & Compliance alerts for access to insights



  • Reduces accidents 40% - 60% on average
  • Enhances workplace / driver / fleet safety
  • Improves employee efficiency and productivity
  • Supports industry and/or regulatory compliance
  • Preserves corporate / business reputation


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