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Our Trip Registration app MooveTrips is available on both iOS and Android platforms. MooveTrips allows your users to track their trips, categorize them, and generate reports. The MooveTrips PDF report helps your users with tax fillings in e.g. Germany and The Netherlands.


In the MooveTrips app, drivers can categorize the trip type to Private, Business or Work-Home. Drivers can set their Business Hours in the app. All trips taken outside business hours are in Private Mode and will not be tracked with GPS. The distance of all following private trips is accumulated in one trip. Drivers can download the trip registration reports directly from the MooveTrips app.

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Features & Benefits

  • Proper trip registration approved by the fiscal authorities (e.g. Netherlands and Germany)
  • Private Mode based on working hours and/or manually adjustable in the app
  • Flexible expansion of settings to suit your market and language
  • Trip reports available in 8+ languages
  • Ease of use
  • Reporting automatically sent to all relevant stakeholders
  • Based on odometer of the vehicle, no deviation due to GPS calculation



Drivers can only use the MooveTrips app when the setup procedure is finished in MyGeotab. Setup can only be done if you have Administrator access in the customer database. The setup procedure consists of following steps:

  1. Group setup
  2. Vehicle setup
  3. Security clearance configuration
  4. Driver setup
  5. Driver’s app setup: Private Mode and Business Hours

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